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Tailored lessons for your unique voice:

Each voice is different, so I will assess your voice each lesson and then use tools that target your unique vocal issues.

Lesson Structure

What happens at your first lesson?

The first lesson typically has three parts:

What happens during a regular lesson?

The flow of a regular lesson:

How often should I take a lesson?

For the most effective results, it’s recommended to have a lesson once a week or biweekly. After each lesson you’ll have some new skills to practice, with a recording of the previous lesson to practice along with, so at least 5 days in between will give you a chance to feel these new vocal sensations.

Annette Afonso

I took singing lessons from Taron and he was a great teacher! I had always felt that I didn’t have the ability to sing, and I was very nervous when I went in. But Taron creates a very comfortable and relaxed environment so you just feel like you’re hanging out with your pal. He gave me the confidence and the skills that I needed to finally sing along with my friends and not feel embarrassed. I would 100 percent recommend him as a teacher. He very thoroughly evaluates your skill level and helps you to improve what is already strong, and teaches you how to grow what you are lacking. I now feel like I can belt out the songs I love and it makes such a difference.

Vanessa McKay

I have had such debilitating stage fright since I was a kid, that I would be paralyzed speaking in front of my peers and freeze up doing a the smallest solo during a group sing along. In the spirit of self improvement I decided to try a lesson with Taron and I’ve been hooked ever since! His fluid style of teaching was perfect for me, he is so encouraging and supportive. The techniques we’ve worked on have allowed me to get out of my head and focus on the method instead of the fear. I have so many beautifully musical people in my life and I’m happy to report that I am now participating in the fun!