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Unlock your vocal potential with personalized coaching tailored to your unique voice and goals. Join me for transformative singing lessons in Vancouver.

My mission is to coach singers of all ages and skill levels, assisting them in overcoming fears and breaking bad habits.

I strive to help my students discover and maintain a strong, healthy, and balanced voice for life.

Singing Lessons Vancouver

The Best Singing Lessons in Vancouver

The Best in Vancouver


The Benefits of Personalized Vocal Coaching

Private singing lessons offer a personalised experience for those seeking vocal training. Each session is meticulously tailored to cater to your unique voice and aspirations, guaranteeing a truly unique learning experience. My approach is centred around establishing a solid foundation in vocal technique, and honing performance skills. Through one-on-one coaching, you have the freedom to progress at your own pace, receiving instant feedback that propels you towards unlocking your full potential as a singer.

I bring not only years of expertise but also a deep-seated passion for nurturing talent to every lesson, fostering a warm and supportive atmosphere that encourages growth and self-discovery. Whether you’re a novice looking to unearth your voice or a seasoned vocalist seeking to polish your craft, my private singing lessons in Vancouver are meticulously designed to empower you on your journey to success.

Key Features of My Singing Lessons

Training is centred around the innovative technique known as Speech Level Singing (SLS), a highly sought-after method that has been embraced by numerous iconic pop and rock vocalists in the music industry today. This cutting-edge vocal approach empowers singers to cultivate a robust, resilient voice capable of hitting incredible high notes effortlessly, all without encountering any vocal strain or breaks.

Students are guided on a transformative journey, learning to seamlessly transition from their chest voice to the higher registers of their head voice by skilfully ‘mixing’ tones, rather than resorting to forcefully pushing their chest voice upwards or lapsing into a disconnected, feeble vocal tone.

Personalized Coaching

Personalized Coaching

My vocal training lessons are carefully crafted to meet your unique needs and aspirations. Through personalised attention and tailored guidance, you can be confident that each session is designed to help you achieve your goals.

Vocal Technique

Vocal Technique

Master the art of singing by honing in on fundamental vocal techniques that will elevate your vocal range, enhance your control, and refine your overall sound quality. With dedicated practice and guidance, you can unlock the full potential of your voice.

Performance Skills

Performance Skills

Unleash your full performing potential and mesmerize your audience with our carefully curated performance enhancement programmes, designed to help you radiate confidence and captivate the spotlight.

What My Students Are Saying

“I have had such debilitating stage fright since I was a kid, that I would be paralyzed speaking in front of my peers and freeze up doing a the smallest solo during a group sing along. In the spirit of self improvement I decided to try a lesson with Taron and I’ve been hooked ever since! His fluid style of teaching was perfect for me, he is so encouraging and supportive. The techniques we’ve worked on have allowed me to get out of my head and focus on the method instead of the fear. I have so many beautifully musical people in my life and I’m happy to report that I am now participating in the fun!”

Vanessa McKay

“I’ve been taking lessons with Taron for almost half a year now and, I have to say, he is a fantastic coach and teacher. His teaching is focused, adaptable to the needs of the student, and he has a great space to work in. His laid-back approach really makes you feel comfortable to experiment and have fun as well! I highly recommend Taron for anyone looking to improve their singing voice and gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals and physiology of the human voice.”

Matthew Morrish

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